Too busy

I realize that my posts (and photo uploads) so far have been slap-dash, meandering, and probably boring. The problem, I realize, is that my brain is going at a million miles a minute. On one plane there are logistics: trying to figure out what to do every day – reading as much as possible beforehand to make any experience richer, negotiating options with my dad, then plotting transport, food and tickets. On another plane there is the moment: sharing as much as possible with my dad, absorbing all that this new and fascinating city has to offer, attempting to learn and understand a new culture and language. And finally, there is the personal reality, slowly seeping in, that my little life experiment has begun. I seem to have no room leftover for the sort of reflection required of good, or even decent, writing.(Seriously. You should see my journal.)

After my dad leaves, on Wednesday, I think I’ll take a day and just sit reading and drinking coffee and allowing the reality of the past month or so find a comfortable nook in my psyche.

Uh, I guess that’s the end of my announcement.

One thought on “Too busy

  1. Christina,

    How is it going? We in Boston had a heat wave yesterday:91 degrees! Today back to the 50ties.

    More pictures? adventures?


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