Read the NY Times….

They cut a bunch (notably my LSD reference) but still….cool to see the story out there! I guess it’ll be in the Sunday Travel section, too.

In other brief news, I’m taking the train from Kazan to Tomsk tonight, via Уekaterinburg. I arrive in Tomsk Tues am. I’ll try to post details from an internet cafe that doesn’t suck, as this one does.

4 thoughts on “Read the NY Times….

  1. Congratulations Christina, you’re awesome! A well-deserved boost for your new career. We love you!
    -Zoe, Mike, Griffin & Justin

  2. I stopped by to say congratulations here too! This is so great. They really didn’t change much at all, from what I can tell. Which should make you even more proud.

  3. Christina,

    Your fame has traveled to Greece already through my brother there, and to Virginia and Colorado through your cousins there, etc. etc. and of course in Metro Boston to western Mass through friends.
    We are truly proud and very very happy for you.



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