Floating at top speed

A few days ago I had a drink (or two…) with an old friend. “Let’s see,” she said. “What have you done since I last saw you?” It’s been a month.

The answer is that I flew halfway around the world to dive Papua New Guinea for Matador Network, courtesy of the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority.

Then, after a few days back in New York, I quick-hit Orlando/Cape Canaveral to watch my friend Al get shot into space aboard Discovery. Back in New York, I was glued to NASA TV on Ustream, watching Al become to 200th human ever to perform a space walk (or EVA – extra-vehicular activity – in NASAspeak).

Fabulous, right?

Now I’m back to the mundane stoking of fires around various irons.

Over the past 6 months I’ve gone at one of two speeds: full tilt or brick wall. It’s a change of pace from my traveling life, which was more like a long trip on the highway: Most of the time you’re at a fast but steady pace, though occasionally you speed up to pass, or else pull over to eat or pee or just stretch your legs.

So. Is this a range life, or just life?

5 thoughts on “Floating at top speed

  1. Hi Christina,

    I was thinking about you when the shuttle went up. So you went back to KSC to see the launch How was it?!?!

    We missed it because we just moved to San Francisco on the same day! Very sad watching it go up and not being there to see it though. Hoping to get to the next one but I don’t think we’ll make it.

    Glad things are going well for you!

    Keep in touch
    Tess (from Cocoa beach)

    • Hey Tess!

      Great to hear from you. Glad to hear that the move to San Fran went OK. I did go to the launch in April and it was awesome – everything I expected.

      If you’re coming to the east coast anytime, look me up!

  2. What beautiful asparagus, Angie and the contrast of the strawberry vigatnretie is simple yet beautiful. I love white asparagus but it's not nearly as popular in Toronto. I shall have to go on a search for this delicacy so that we can have it for lunch this weekend.

  3. Fin liste, mange bra egenskaper ^^Jeg har også tendensen til å komme med spøker bare jeg ler av. Men det gjør jeg som oftest når jeg er med venner og de ler uansett. Om det er fordi jeg ler som en gal av min egen vits vet jeg ikke. Men jeg vil anta det :-P[]

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